Epic battle


Any guesses as to who will win this battle for front-porch territory? The answer is… ME and the can of wasp spray I shot them all with from a safe, up-wind position (so the chemicals would not trigger an MCS flare-up). 🙂

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Fate of Microsoft’s tablet OS in question — again | Microsoft – CNET News

When comparing Microsoft’s Windows RT functionality against the full version of Windows 8 and Apple’s iOS against its Mac OS, it is clear that Windows RT gives users better functionality that is closer to the full OS than the offerings of Apple. I hardly ever use the RT apps in Windows 8 on my laptop but on my tablet, I hardly ever use the traditional desktop app (unless I have the keyboard attached for heavy typing). I really don’t understand why so many OEM partners are giving Microsoft such a hard time with RT, it runs a tablet quite efficiently and allows for excellent productivity. 😊