Poor Reaction to Affleck: He-Nerd Rage

Very well said. 🙂

Reasonable Conversation

ben-affleck-batman-tai-urban_wenn20441205__oPtWow. Been asked three times today what I think about Ben Affleck cast as Batman, once by a person I don’t know and who isn’t a reader. Hate to pass the buck, but with the exception of his dislike of Man of Steel that seems to increase over time (I still like it on the whole), I’d have to say that MovieBob pretty much nails it.

Yes, he’s been in some goofy movies, and yes he’s not as talented as Matt Damon (who probably wouldn’t be right for the role), but he’s a solid actor with a love of comics, two Academy Awards, who has played a range of different parts with depth and aplomb. Sure, his last attempt at a comic movie, Daredevil, sucked, but it wasn’t because of something he did. It was a poorly written movie where the hero was heroic because stories have protagonists…

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George Zimmerman acquitte…

George Zimmerman acquitted in Trayvon Martin’s death

SANFORD, Fla. — George Zimmerman is a free man.

After nearly 16 hours of deliberations over two d…

A difficult case to prove in either direction, with so many conflicting reports of who threw the first punch and so much emotion-inspired testimony from witnesses. However, I do feel that no matter who started the fight that brought a tragic end to this young man’s life, Zimmerman must be held responsible for the simple fact that he had no right following or otherwise engaging Trevon to begin with. A neighborhood watch volunteer has no more right to engage a suspicious person than you or I and I do not consider his insistence to do so after the 911 representative clearly advised him to stop as anything shy of irresponsible. Had he left the matter to the police, that young man would still be alive to tell his side of the story. Zimmerman may very well have acted out of self-defense, but he must be held responsible for placing himself in the position that led to the necessity for such actions to begin with. He may very well not be guilty of second degree murder, but I feel he is still guilty of manslaughter, at the very least.

Epic battle


Any guesses as to who will win this battle for front-porch territory? The answer is… ME and the can of wasp spray I shot them all with from a safe, up-wind position (so the chemicals would not trigger an MCS flare-up). 🙂

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Fate of Microsoft’s tablet OS in question — again | Microsoft – CNET News

When comparing Microsoft’s Windows RT functionality against the full version of Windows 8 and Apple’s iOS against its Mac OS, it is clear that Windows RT gives users better functionality that is closer to the full OS than the offerings of Apple. I hardly ever use the RT apps in Windows 8 on my laptop but on my tablet, I hardly ever use the traditional desktop app (unless I have the keyboard attached for heavy typing). I really don’t understand why so many OEM partners are giving Microsoft such a hard time with RT, it runs a tablet quite efficiently and allows for excellent productivity. 😊