Hands On With Apple’s iPhone 5S: Focus On Photography And The Fingerprint

Although I am not a big fan of Apple’s smaller screen on the iPhone nor their proprietary approach to digital media, I must admit the finger-print reader built into the home button, the 64-bit processor, and some of the software advances in the new iPhone 5S announced today have more than piqued my curiosity. 🙂


Apple’s iPhone 5s is a major improvement over the iPhone 5, packing some changes to the hardware beyond the usual spec and performance improvements we see from “s” advances on iPhone. The big splashy focus features here are the improved camera and the brand new fingerprint sensor built into the Home button, which powers Apple’s new identification tech called Touch ID.

Both of these features were what I focused on with my hands-on time with the new phone. An Apple employee walked me through how to set up the phone for Touch ID, and how to use that to unlock the device and make purchases in the App and iTunes Stores. Each iPhone 5s can support up to five different fingerprints, making it possible for a user to authorize their family and friends to be able to use their device, too.

The setup process with the iPhone 5s is…

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